2013 Cobh to Blackrock entries received



All boats registered for the Cobh to Blackrock Race sponsored by the Port of Cork and Union Chandlery will be listed below :


Away on Business IRL6570 Bombora IRL1574
Whyte Knight IRL 9654 Explorer 2250C
Bedlam IRL 9577 Holy Grounder IRL 1102
Fast Buck IRL 9615 Re Eile IRL 731
Mystic IRL 782 Kodachi IRL2706
Bright wings 6724Y Cest la Vie IRL3255
Chanteuse 5934y Conchita YM3 268
Maximizar IRL1560 Saxon Senator IRL 1477
Viking Lass IRL 7062 Silk Breeze  IRL3691
NO-GNOMES IRL 78 Jelly Baby IRL9609
Split Point IRL 9992 Bandit IRL2611
Drumfire IRL 3376 elegance irl3610
Bad Company IRL16859 oceanexplorer  GBR 32700
Windhover IR 252 Gaelic Kiwi irl 7156
Scholar IRL1805 – 1720 sportsboat Warrior GBR 1703 – 1720 sportsboat
DEJa Vu IRL 3470 Suaimhneas IRL 944
Tambourine IRL 1975 Shadow 113C
Moonraker IRL457 MInx III IRL 4434
mo chuisle irl513 Jay IRL4012
la Mouette ??? (trad) Crackerjack (moody s31)
Sea Hawk IRL 4506  Exhale IRL8991
An T’Oileanach  IRL 4047  Yanks $ ffrancs IRL 8071
Laser 4.7 196517 RS400 762
laser radial 186825 Cool Breeze 74
Laser 4.7 171754 Topper Topaz Race  947
 raider 18 “Yomkon” Light Blue Hull raider 18 “Kanko” Dark Blue Hull
laser  54297

If you registered but your boat name is not on the list (please give us a few hours), and you’ve not been contacted by Cove Sailing Club, then email us at info@covesailingclub.ie and provide your boat details and when you registered and we will get in touch.