Cobh Regatta Dinghys and Rankins

Yesterday proved fickle for the race officers to setting a course of the dinghy’s off the promenade.

The big shifts in the very light wind conditions proved a tough test for the boats and crews that turned out for the dinghy racing at the Cobh People’s Regatta.

A course was set that had the boats racing to a jibe mark set just off the promenade but as the race got off the winds died completely and it made for a test of skill just to get to the weather mark. Eventually the boats got down to the promenade to the accompaniment of huge cheers from the large crowds lined up .

It was decided to shorten the course and the boats were finished at no.20.

The race officers then lifted the marks and reset a course over the Spit Bank where there was a promise of a little wind. This course was also to be used by the Rankins, some of whom employed interesting techniques to reach the start line.

Again the wind gods were against the fleet and the Rankins got tightly bunched at the weather mark but thankfully nobody got injured and all the boats got around the mark without a protest flag in sight.

Several dinghy’s experienced difficulty with the light breeze and tides and retired and again the race officers shortened the course and finished the Rankins after one round.

The mixed fleet then made their way back to Whitepoint under the watchful eyes of the crash boats as the harbour was quite busy with commercial traffic. At Whitepoint boats were beached and put away and the crowd gathered at the dinghy park for the prize giving.

It was to be a day for the younger members of the club with Master Sam Dorgan coming first in the mixed dinghy fleet and Master Harry Coole winning the second Rankin World Championship! (The World Rankin Association had to be consulted as to wether the Cup could leave the island as the winning boat was a visitor from the mainland)

It was great to see so many Rankins out on the water ,some out racing for the first time and a round of applause goes to Maurice Kidney for making it all possible. Should anyone know of the whereabouts of any of these beautiful craft in whatever condition would they let Maurice know please.

The day was finished off with pizza and refreshments and the dinghy park was tidied up in short time and a big shout out to the staff who stayed on to help out for the afternoon. Well done guys!!