Cove Sailing Update 2018 Season

As most people are aware, Cove Sailing Club is continuing to pursue the completion of a marina at white point in Cobh. This project commenced in 2014 following a unanimous decision by Cove Sailing Club members. The project has experienced a number of delays and funding difficulties with very little progress made in the last 2 years.

The recently elected members of the 2018 committee are continuing to work on the project and need to concentrate solely on the marina project. The Marina needs to be prioritised and hopefully completed in some form or another.

The committee are continuously working to resolve the situation and hopefully get the positive outcome which would be the marina completed.

The committee has reaffirmed its wish to support any sailing/ boating activities in any way it can.

We are fully committed to getting the club through the current situation, the marina completed and to continue with sailing / boating in the coming years. The centenary anniversary of the club is due to happen next year 2019 and our aim is to have the marina in place for the people of Cobh.