Illes Pitiuses in Round the Island Race – update


Illes Pitiuses competing in Calves Week 2012 (picture courtesy of Bob Bateman)

The longest day yesterday and judging by the race reports on the Round the Island website it was a particularly long one for those trying to make it round the Isle of Wight.

Out of the 1584 boats setting out 791 retired mainly due to the lack of wind. That said, there were still some 715 finishers, one of whom being the boys from Cobh on Illes Pitiuses. Finishing 9th in their division and 16th overall in IRC (out of about 400 boats in IRC that finished) is a great result but ominously shows the quality of the fleet racing in their division.

They now move on to the Quarter Ton Cup next week and then hopefully they’ll be back with Illes Pitiuses for Cork Week.

We wish them well.