Junior Sailing 2024

So your child is interested in sailing?

Congratulations Sailing can be a great way for a young person to spend their time outdoors, learn new skills, and make new friends. Because sailing is dependent on weather and the environment, kids learn more than being in a gym all day with a ball. The sport of Sailing can be fun, social, and adventurous while encouraging values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and sound decision-making. When taught well and supported, it can build a positive and lifelong passion. The benefits are endless!

First Steps in getting your child afloat

  1. Contact Cove Sailing Club with your information covesailingclub1919@gmail.com
  2. Attend an open meeting of parents where you will be given a talk by the club and you can ask any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

At what age do kids start to learn to sail?

Ideally from 8 years upwards.

Can teenagers with no experience learn to sail?

Of course, we have different age groups.

Will my child have to know how to swim?

Yes, do to the nature of sailing its very important they are comfortable in the water

Do we need to own a boat?

No, when starting off juniors learn in club boats

If we own a boat can we bring this out?

Yes, We would encourage this, just keep in mind that boats during training get a lot of bumps along the way, also your boat will need to be insured.

As a parent I have no experience, do I need to have experience?

No not at all, There are loads of areas where you can help out see the link above.

What equipment will my child need?

  • Wetsuit – Can be sourced from Ch Marine, Union Chandlery, Matthews all surf shops even Dunnes, LIDI & ALDI. Approx Cost €40.00


  • Life Jacket – Can be sourced from Ch Marine, Union Chandlery, Matthews. Approx Cost €60.00 It is important to get a life jacket fitted for your child to ensure good quality and the right size for their height and weight.


  • Waterproof shoes – Old runners will be fine here


  • Windbreaker – Again old raincoat will do.

How much does sailing cost?

Besides the clothing mentioned above, When starting the following costs are a rough idea.

Membership of Cove Sailing Club for the year €60.00

Contribution to fuel and coaching €15:00 per session afloat

When do you start?

Sailing normally runs from March to Sept

What days do new sailors learn?

8 to 11-year-olds Sunday with an hour spent afloat and another hour launching, recovering and learning.

12 upwards Sat Morning’s

Who teaches my child ?

Older more experienced sailors will bring your child afloat.

Who looks after all the boats afloat?

Parents and coaches will be on the water watching over the sailing.

Do you do summer camps?

Yes, a key part of learning to sail is spending as much time afloat as possible we try and arrange camps in the summer for a week.

Will my child be able to do levels in sailing?

Yes, we follow the Irish Sailing System where they will start at level 1 and work each week to learn and complete tasks.

I still have some questions

No problem simply drop us an email covesailingclub1919@gmail.com