Marina Rules

1 Marina Licence

1.1 The Marina & Facilities Committee (M&FC) will allocate berths annually for the Club Marina and Swinging Moorings via a Marina Licence and shall have the exclusive right to assign another or different berth to the Licensee during the licence period, in its absolute discretion.

1.2 Invoices for Marina Licence fees will be issued based on overall boat length. the cost per foot will normally be as agreed by the Annual General Meeting.

1.3 The Licence Period will be for twelve months, commencing on 01 January until 31 December of each year.

1.4 Should a completed Marina Licence and correct remittance not be returned by the required date the Club may assume that the berth is no longer required. In this event the Club reserves the right to reallocate the berth.

1.5 A Marina licence may be terminated by the Club in the event that the nominated berth holder fails to pay on demand whiten the period requested, and outstanding monies due for the berth or any associated charges attaching thereto. In such circumstances the boat must be removed from the berth within one week of notice being issued to the owner.

1.6 The Licensee shall not assign, sublet or part with the berth or any other rights created hereby, at any time.

1.7 When the Licence is terminated by the Club due to failure by a berth holder to pay appropriate dues or other non observance of the rules, the Club Shall;

  • . Retain the power to remove any vessel and any associated equipment.

  • . Hold any vessel and/or equipment pending settlement of account including interest as applicable.

  • . After due process the Club has the power to offer the sale of any vessel and/or equipment associated therewith to settle the outstanding account including interest.

1.8 The Club shall have the right to require the Licensee to remove the vessel from the berth temporarily to facilitate special events, or the good management of the club generally, in which event the Club shall, but without being under any obligation to do so, use its best endeavours to provide the Licensee with an alternative suitable berth, or mooring.

1.9 The Club may assign a different berth in the event that the Licensee changed the size or type of his/her vessel during the licence period. In such event, the club may seek further payments, or make a refund to the licensee, depending on the size of the vessel and the term unexpired of the period.

1.10 The Club reserves the right to move any vessel from its assigned berth, when in the opinion of the Club Staff on duty, physical or environmental conditions dictate it would be in the best interests of the boat owner, other boat owners, or the Club to provide an alternative berth.

1.11 Use of the berth shall be for the purpose of the Licensee’s private pleasure only and not for any commercial purposes, nor as a resident.

1.12 The Club accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss of or damage to vessels or injury to personnel howsoever caused. All Licensees shall indemnify the Club against loss arising to the Club

by reason of mooring of the vessel and must hold adequate insurance including third party risks for a minimum cover of €3,000,000. Licensee May be required to provide evidence of such insurance to the club.

1.13 Boat owners wishing to live onboard during the winter period may only do so at the discretion of the club. A written application must be submitted to the Marina & Facilities Committee and written approval received before commencing the live onboard period.

1.14 All vessels shall be clearly identified by name or registered number and shall display a current marina sticker, which shall be readily visible from the pontoons.

1.15 Members must report without delay to the Marina Co-ordinator or his nominee if the member’s vessel makes contact with another vessel whilst leaving or entering a berth.

1.16 Notwithstanding that the Licence may not have been signed by the Club or the Licensee, the placing of any vessel in the berth by the Licensee shall be deemed to be acceptance by him/her of the terms and conditions hereof, and the agreement to abide by such rules or regulations.

2 Marina Fees

2.1 Marina fees vary from time to time and changes will be communicated to Berth Holders. Current rates are available from the Marina Co-ordinator, Club Office or the Club web site.

2.2 All Marina Licence fees are payable in advance. The Licensee shall pay to the Club on demand the Marina Licence fee and all sums due for utilities consumed and any other sums from time to time directed to be payable by the Licensees to the Club.

2.3 Berth holders are not entitled to any rebate should the facility not be used for any period covered by the Licence other than in exceptional circumstance.

2.4 Berth holders must display the “Marina Paid” sticker in a prominent position on the boat visible from the pontoon.

2.5 For berth holders who undertake a major voyage i.e., beyond Irish waters from more than 10 months and wish to keep their berth at CSC Marina, the following facility will apply:

  • . The first year the boat is away the member will pay their full marina fee.

  • . The second year the boat is away a 50% fee will apply.

  • . If the member is away for a third year a 30% fee will apply.

  • . If the member is away for a fourth year, they will revert to paying the full fee for that year.

3 Access to the Marinas

3.1 Cove Sailing Club retains the right to refuse or limit access to the marinas to any individual.

3.2 Land access to the marinas is via keypad or proximity swipe-card operated security gates.

4 Marina Office

4.1 The Marina Office is open as advised in the Year Book and as displayed on the Marina Office notice board.

4.2 Marina staff are on duty as required and hours are adjusted to suit workload. The Club Office can also provide assistance with short-term marina fees, fuel payments and minor queries.

5 Marina Protocol

5.1 The Club operates both moorings and marinas for the benefit of members and visitors. In addition many members hold permits from the Port of Cork Authority for their personal moorings.

5.2 The Club accepts that all boat owners and berth holders are competent in the operation of their craft. They are specifically expected to be capable of safely navigating their craft on the river to and from their marina berth or mooring and be capable of safely picking up a mooring or docking alongside the marina. It is expected that adequate and competent crew be aboard to assist as appropriate during these manoeuvres.

5.3 A berth holder or visiting craft skipper is responsible for ensuring that their craft is adequately secured by suitable wraps and protected by suitable fenders.

5.4 Berth holders shall at all times respect the privacy of others and shall ensure noise pollution is kept to a minimum.

5.5 Nuisance noise from halyards, etc., on spars can cause distress to fellow members and to local residents. Proper measures must be taken to prevent such noise in fresh conditions.

5.6 Care must be taken to ensure that no part of any craft shall overhang the walkways.

5.7 Inflatable and other tenders belonging to boats on the marina must not obstruct other vessels or other berth users. They should normally be stowed on davits or on deck.

5.8 Cove Sailing Club accepts no liability for damage to first ot third party craft caused by inadequate mooring or fendering.

5.9 Where common cleats are used berth holders must ensure that any third party warp, which may have to be released, is remade immediately in a secure and seaman like manner.

5.10 Warps shall be tide off so as not to cause an obstruction or danger to persons walking on the marina walkways, pontoons or fingers. Marina walkways must be kept clear at all times for safety reasons. Boat or other equipment must not be left unattended on the marina walkways or pontoons at any time.

5.11 Tenders must not be moored from the main vessel.

6 Marina Utilities

6.1 A 220-volt power supply is available at each marina berth. The use of this facility by Berth Holders for high consumption equipment such as de-humidifiers, heaters, etc., requires the utmost economy. The use of timers is strongly recommended.

6.2 All berth holders must use a meter when connecting to the electrical supply at the berth (meters are available from the club on payment of a refundable deposit)

6.3 All mains electrical equipment used on the marinas must be in good condition. Damage leads or equipment must not be brought onto the marinas. Electrical leads must be routed such that they do not pose a trip hazard to the pedestrians and so that they cannot enter the water.

6.4 A portable water supply is available on the marinas. When hosepipes have to be used they must be turned off securely, coiled neatly and stowed on the service pillar. Water leaks must be reported to the Marina Co-ordinator.

6.5 Marina lighting is operated by light sensors. Any lights not operating during the hours of darkness must be reported to the Marina Co-ordinator.

6.6 Any defective Marina furniture, such as mooring cleats, fire extinguishers, lifebouys, life lines and rescue ladders must be reported to the Marina Co-ordinator immediately. This is an important safety requirement.

6.7 A number of trolleys are available to transport sails. batteries, clothing and food supplies etc. Berth holders are requested to return trolleys promptly after use. This ensures that they do not obstruct walkways and that they become available for fellow members.

6.8 A number of trolleys are available to transport fuel only. These trolleys are clearly marked and should be the only ones used to transport fuel.

7 Environment

7.1 In the event of any fuel spillage, big or small, the on-duty marina staff must be notified immediately. Environmental pollution control kits are available and the instructions of the marina staff must be followed.

7.2 Except in cases of emergency, contaminated bilge water must not be discharged within the marina boundaries. Every effort must be made to ensure dishrag of hydrocarbon fuel/oil does not occur.

7.3 A waste oil disposal tank is situated in the club re-cycling centre.

7.4 Portable water must not be wasted. Ensure constant supervision when bunkering to minimise overfilling and leaks.

8 Contractors

8.1 Berth Holders may appoint their own marine contractor to work on their boat, however they must comply with the following:

  • The Berth Holder must advise the Marina Co-ordinator in advance when the contractor will be on site giving an exact date and time.

  • The appointed contractor MUST report to the Marina Co-ordinator and must sign the contractor’s logbook entering the date and time of visit.

  • The appointed contractor MUST hold adequate insurance and may be asked to produce a copy of a current insurance policy.

  • Only routine engine maintenance, rig maintenance and boat cleaning are permitted on the marina. Any work outside of this has safety & regulatory requirement which cannot be provided for on the marina. Hot work such as welding or grinding or any work which can create a fire hazard is absolutely prohibited.

8.2 Divers are NOT PERMITTED to work on members’ boats on the Club Marina.

The Club insurers are emphatic that the use of divers on the marina on members’ boats is strictly forbidden.

We regret this and are working to find a resolution.

In the meantime, we must comply with insurance requirements and we ask your understanding and co-operation.

10 Safety

10.1 Children aged twelve years and under must wear a lifejacket at all times while on the marina and must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times.

10.2 Swimming or fishing from the marina is not permitted, except for Club sponsored events.

10.3 Barbecues shall not be operated on the marina or on boats berthed at the marina.

10.4 Fire fighting equipment is located at clearly defined positions throughout the Marina.

  • Marina staff is trained in the use of the equipment and should be alerted by VHF radio giving the location of any fire.

  • Instructions for the use of the fire extinguishers are displayed at the Fire Points and should be followed. Berth holders and visitors should NOT wait for Marina Staff to arrive.

  • Familiarize yourself with the printed display so that in the event of a fire you can start controlling a fire until Marina Staff arrive.

11 Visiting Vessels

11.1 Berths available to be used by visiting vessels are identified by a green tag on the marina.

11.2 A set-down berth is maintained on the eastern end of the marina and is clearly sign-posted. Visiting craft should be directed to this berth to tie up (or raft up as necessary) before contacting the Marina Office/ coordinator where an appreciate berth will be assigned to the craft.

11.3 Members are asked to assist visiting vessels where necessary and extent a welcome.

13 Access to Dinghy Parks

13.1 Cove Sailing Club retains the right to refuse or limit access to the dinghy and car parks, or to vary such access rights as circumstances dictate.

13.2 Access to Dinghy is via key-pad proximity swipe card-operated security gates. Such access is restricted to categories of members entitled to such access only. (e.g. Cadet Members do not have access rights on their cards)

13.3 The key pads are monitored by a central computer. Members should not give their cards to non members to operate the gates or barriers. Such practise will be deemed to be unacceptable behaviour.

13.4 Some areas of the car park and dinghy parks are monitored by CCTV and the Club reserves the right to use these in evidence in cases of unacceptable behaviour.

13.5 Priority is given to dinghy movement in the dinghy park. Vehicle access to the dinghy park and especially near the dinghy centre and slip is prohibited when dinghy activity is taking place.

13.6 When reversing boat-trailers or launching on the slip with a motorised vehicle a second person must always be in attendance to guide the driver.

14 Dinghy and Car Park Fees

14.1 All storage fees must be paid in advance. No dinghy, boat, trailer or other equipment may enter the dinghy park before appropriate fee has been paid and the appropriate tag attached.

14.2 Storage fees are levied on all boats, trailers or other vehicles parked in the dinghy park, the western car park and in Caravan Park. Current rates are available from the Club Office.

14.3 Members or visitors using the dinghy/car park for an event in which it is reasonable to have boats of participants in the dinghy park must have an event tag attached which will be issued at the

event registration and which will be valid only for the duration go the event unless special arrangements have been made with the Club for an extended storage.

14.4 Dinghy park users are not entitled to any rebate should the facility not be used for any period during the lease agreement other than in exceptional circumstances.

14.5 All boats and boat trailers parked anywhere on the club premises, and the Public car park must have a valid identification tag attached to them in a clearly visible location.

14.6 Boat trailers and ancillary equipment without a current valid tag may be deemed to be abandoned, on the club premises and will be removed to a secure compound. A fine (see current schedule of charges) will be levied on the owner/user in addition to the normal storage fee before the equipment is released. The club reserves the right to dispose of unclaimed trailers or equipment after three months.

14.7 Non-members may not store any boats or associated equipment on Club premises at any time except as described in 14.3 above. Any boat or equipment not carrying a current tag may be deemed to be abandoned and the club reserves the right to dispose of such property.

15 Dinghy Park Arrangements

15.1 The Club accepts no responsibilities or liability for any damage or theft to boats or equipment or injury to personnel howsoever caused.

15.2 Members must report damage caused by them to other boats or club property without delay to the Marina Office and are responsible for informing the owner of the property to which the damage is caused.

15.3 Boats, trailers and launching trolleys must be parked neatly in their designated areas.

15.4 Boats and equipment left in an apparently disused state will be removed.

16 Vehicle Parking

16.1 Parking in the car/caravan park of a motorised vehicle is for the benefit of the members only while sailing or using the Club facilities. Parking area is the responsibilities of the Cobh Town Council and any fees for parking will be as per their regulations.

16.2 Cars etc are to be parked neatly and are not to obstruct others at any time. If parked for an extended period, a member may be asked to use a space designated by the Club where the vehicle will cause least obstruction to the other members and Club activity.

17 Environments

17.1 Recycling bins are available for the use of members and visitors for marine activity-generated waste only. Domestic generated waste must not be brought to the Club re-cycling centre. Any member found so doing will be deemed to have engaged in inappropriate behaviour and as defined in the Club Articles.

17.2 Refuse bins are provided around the club grounds for minor refuse.

17.3 In the event of any fuel spillage, big or small, the marina staff must be notified immediately. Environmental pollutions control kits are available and the instructions of the marina staff must be followed.

17.4 A waste oil disposal tank is situated in the Club re-cycling centre. Waste oil must not be left in the other containers in the re-cycling centre. This facility is solely for the convenience of members preforming an oil change on their boat on the Club premises or marina.

17.5 Dogs are not promoted onto any part of the club premises unless on a leash. Fouling caused by dogs must be immediately removed and disposed of appropriately by their handlers.

18 Launching Operations

18.1 For safety reasons vehicles are not permitted in the dinghy park when there is sailing activity on the slip or near the dinghy centre.

18.2 After Launching or recovery of vessels from the slipway, vehicles and other equipment must be removed immediately.

18.3 Single handed launching of RIBs or boats from trailers attached to vehicles is not permitted. A second person must be on hand to direct and assist the driver while launching or retrieving.

19 Clubhouse

19.1 All guests must be signed in to the Visitors book, located inside the main door, by a member.

19.2 Members should report non members to the Club committee.

19.3 No member shall wilfully deface, damage or mutilate any part of the Clubhouse, its fixtures or fittings, or any Club property.

19.4 No dog, apart from a guide dog, or any other animal shall be permitted into the Clubhouse and any such animal on Club grounds shall be kept under proper control.

19.5 The Clubhouse shall be open at such times as shall be decided from time to time by committee.

19.6 Cycling and ball playing are prohibited immediately outside the clubhouse.

19.7 No books, works or reference or periodicals shall be removed from the Club, nor shall any of the Silver, Plate, trophies (unless when awarded as prizes and expressly permitted by a member of the executive), pictures, memorabilia or otherwise belonging to the Club removed.

19.8 Mobile phones may not be used in the Clubhouse.

19.9 Committees wishing to meet in the clubhouse must book in advance with the Club committee.

19.10 No sailing bags, oilskins or other gear shall be brought into the Clubhouse but should be left outside or in the changing rooms.

19.11 The changing facilities in the Dinghy Centre are solely for the use of Junior Members.

19.12 Members witnessing and incidents should report same to the Club committee member.

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