Marlogue Trophy 2012

Usually a Friday Night race, this year it was decided to break up the June weekends a bit and run The Marlogue as a longer Sunday race given there’s silverware up for grabs.

Damian Aherne and his crew on Re Eile laid the start line at EF1 for a beat out towards No. 9.There was plenty of room with only 4 Cove boats and 7 RCYC boats out but even so Bandit forced Gaelic Kiwi to turn away from the start line as they, Yanks $ Ffrancs and Indulgence got away well.

The course was set as long upwind/downwind legs with a triangle in the middle which coupled with the shifty wind meant the competitors were able to enjoy all points of sail as they made their way round the course and at times even during a single leg.

On the day the RCYC boats had the best of it. Vinne O’Shea’s new Corby 33 version of “Yanks & Ffrancs” was absolutely flying as was Indulgence. Bandit finished 3rd over the water and was way ahead of the other class 3 boats. Behind them Silk Breeze and Minx finished 4th and 5th on unadjusted time.

On the last leg, Lady T eventually pulled away from the pack of Cove boats after racing between themselves all round the course. Together with Gaelic Kiwi, Whyte Knight and Away on Business they all overtook each other at least twice each. Bombora too came back in to it, going particularly well over the last couple of legs to close down earlier lost ground.