Pursuit Race & Club Bbq


Owen O Connell & Elsie – Rankin

Alex Mills and Eoin Jone – Feva

Joe Kennan – Solo

Chris , Sato & Hiroto Mc Kc Ginley – Mirror

Ewan & Rachel O Keeffee – Rankin

Caoimhe Fitzgearld – Laser Radial

Lilly Barry & Ruby O Driscoll – RS Feva

Colm O Driscoll – Lasr Radial

Michéal & Ronnan O Driscoll – Rankin

Maurice & Frankie  Kidney – Rankin

Andrew O Donovan & Eve Roberts – Laser 2

Rob & Aine Jones – Rankin

John Cotter  – Mirror M

Sioman Mills & Sienna Mills – RS Feva

Cai Morgan – Laser Radial

Lucas Crombie – Laser Radial

Elric Flanagan – Laser

Dan O. Regan & John  O Regan – Rankin

Roberts Family – Laser 2

Brian Curtis – Cruiser

Kieran & Noah Dorgan – Rankin

Roberts Family – Laser 2

Dan & John  O Regan – Rankin

Paul O Leary – Hobie cat

What is a persuit race ?

All boat set off at diffrent times and sail the same course slowest first (Based on PY HCP)  followed but the faster boats.

How long will the race be ?

Aprox 70 min

How will the start work ?

The First boat will start with with a 5-4-3-2-1 count down

The rest of the classes will then be allocated a starting time.

The ood boat will display the number of the next class and will give a 1 minute warning sound.

How will the winner be decided ?

First Boat across the line wins.