SCORA SAIL 100 Workshop

Last Saturday SCORA hosted a SAIL 100 Workshop at RCYC. Timing could have been better as it was scheduled on the same day as the Annual ISA conference in Dublin. Fortunately members made themselves available and we managed to ensure Cove was represented fully at both events and our thanks go to those who gave up their Saturday to support Cove SC.

Claire Bateman has kindly provided us with the following outline of the SAIL100 Workshop:

Last weekend a seminar was held at Royal Cork Yacht Club, chaired by Ronan Enright SCORA Commodore, at which the development of the Sail 100 Racing Handicap programme was discussed. The author of the programme, Software Designer Bob McPherson, was in attendance and brought the representatives from the South Coast clubs up to speed with new updates to the programme. Clubs represented were Schull Harbour Sailing Club, Cove Sailing Club, Monkstown Bay Sailing Club, Kinsale Yacht Club and Royal Cork Yacht Club.

Denis Kiely, recently retired National Handicapping Co-ordinator, and Bob McPherson have a long standing rapport spanning some twenty years. During this period Bob’s system was initially used by the southern clubs and its hugely successful implementation ensured it soon went nationwide. The use of the McPherson system is generously supplied to the clubs free of charge. At the meeting Bob demonstrated new upgrades to the system which make an already very user friendly system easier again to use.

Since the inception of Sail100, Bob has worked tirelessly to keep the software right up to date to comply with the latest rules and special needs of end users. He simply asks that for the good and future of our sport, we all promote and encourage youth sailing, which of course which the southern clubs most certainly do.

Sincere thanks to Bob McPherson for giving so freely and generously of his time and expertise which is very much appreciated by all involved in the sport of sailing.