Sunday dinghy racing

Racing took place off Oyster Bank yesterday evening with six boats turning out.

Two races took place in light north easterlies.

Many thanks to all who helped out on the evening.

Results are :

Race 1 ( 3no. Triangles)

1st Christine (Radial)   0.50264

2nd Connor (Radial) 0.5035

3rd Chris (Topaz) 0.5299

4th Jamie and Vicky(Feva) 0.5352

5th Derry (Pico) 0.5406

6th Connor (Topaz) 0.5811


Race 2 (3no. Triangles 1no. Sausage)

1st Derry (Pico) 0.6421

2nd Christine (Radial) 0.6426

3rd Chris (Topaz) 0.6618

4th Connor (Radial) 0.6672

5th Connor (Topaz) 0.6682

6th Jamie and Vicky 0.6720

Again thanks to all who turned out of the evening