Update : Cove@Home and SCORA class 3 & 4 Championship 2013

Very light winds forecast for tomorrows Cove@Home/SCORA Champs. In order to maximise the potential for multiple races for the SCORA Champs fleet we will split the competitors as follows:

Class 3 & 4 (Cove@Home and SCORA Champs) will race with OD boat “Jay” (J24) using channel 69. Please listen out for instructions especially regarding the starting area as this will be dependent on the conditions.

Classes 1, 2, & whitesail (Cove@Home) will race with OD boat “Romany” (timber motor-sailor) using channel 68. Please listen out for instructions as the starting area will be set depending on the conditions at the time.

Given the current forecast the starting area may be around the EF2/9/11 area of the harbour although clearly the OD’s will confirm this tomorrow for their respective fleets and will depend on the conditions. Please listen out on the appropriate channel for your class of boat.

All further instructions regarding course, order of starts etc. will be given out by the relevant OD’s

After racing, results will be announced in the Quays Bar, Cobh and the prizegiving for Cove@Home will take place.