Cobh Trad Sail Maritime Lecture Series 2016

Many thanks to all involved in the Trad Sail Maritime Lecture Series that occurred over the last few weeks in the Sirius Arts Centre. They were informative and highly entertaining for young and old.

The series began with a look at our navy’s roles during the summer in the Mediterranean entitled Escaping to Europe and was presented by Commander Ken Minihane. Our members of the defence forces should definitely take a bow and this Lecture is one that should most certainly do a tour of our schools!

This was a hard act to follow but was managed very well by one of our Harbour Pilots Anthony Mulcahy, in the second of the series Parking A City. This gave a fantastic insight into port operations when the huge liners come into our Harbour and the logistics involved from several miles out right up to the tying up at the deep water quay.Massively interesting especially the time lapse photography!

The final Lecture was held last night. Eddie English stepped up and gave a brilliant talk on The History Of The Rankins. The hall was full to capacity with young and old who were entertained by stories of Eric and David Rankin and the history of their boatbuilding business in the town.

Again many thanks to all involved and looking forward to the Trad Sail Festival in June.