Cruiser Racing Meeting

Cove SC is holding a cruiser racing meeting for skipper/crews at 7.30PM this Friday 28th Feb in the ROBSON ROOM (upstairs in the Commodore Hotel).

There are a few things in particular that we want to raise and hear views/opinions on and these are as follows:

Cruiser-racing schedule, OD list, Cove SC course card, IRC/Echo certs, and to highlight a few upcoming events of interest. Be hard not to remind you about membership subs as well…

The main purpose really though is to provide an opportunity to get together before the season starts and talk about all aspects of this years racing schedule. Hopefully this will help ensure the club is doing as much as it can to provide what members want and in turn encourage greater participation and support for club events during the season.

This should be an informal/social evening as much as anything and we’d appreciate skippers/crew attending if they can. Tea/coffee and snacks will be provided so if you are coming let us know so we have an idea of numbers. Look forward to seeing you on the night.