Registration Day for 2014 Summer Sailing Schedule

All current and new junior members are invited to come register for the Saturday sailing schedule on April 12th at the dinghy park, Whitepoint Cobh.

Time of registration session to be confirmed.


  • Membership form filled in either Existing Member’s Form or New Member form,
  • Supplementary form filled in
  • Dinghy park rules signed and dated

We are planning to run two sailing terms  during the summer and 3 sailing sessions each Saturday.

Term 1 starts Saturday 3rd of May through to Saturday 28th of June

Term 2 starts Saturday 5th of July through to Saturday 30tt of August

Sailing sessions run from

  • 9am to 11am
  • 11am to 1pm
  • 2pm to 4pm

Costs are as follows €67.50 (€7.50 per session) per term 1 or 2, €135 for term 1 and 2 + membership + boat storage (if applicable).

In order to secure you sailing session you will need to register on the 11th of April with full payment for your session preference, boat storage etc.



Dinghy Park Rules 2014

CSC Supplementary Form 2014

Please send your questions to