Reminder – 2014 ECHO/IRC Certificates & Membership Subs

All skippers taking part in any Cove SC cruiser/racer events must ensure they have valid 2014 IRC/ECHO certificates before racing. Only Boats with valid certificates prior to racing will get a result. League results will not be backdated if certs. are provided during a series. Copies of certs. can be emailed to the Cove Sailing Club at

The Irish Sailing Association (ISA) maintain a list of all Irish boats issued with ECHO and IRC certificates and have instructed all clubs that “A boat which is not listed shall not be scored in a race under ECHO or IRC handicap systems”. A link to the ISA list is below:

ISA ECHO/IRC List 2014

Also please note that membership fees for the 2014 season are now overdue. If you have not paid please send in your membership and completed forms as soon as you can. Membership details (forms etc.) are available here (click link)