Titanic Trophy Race and Friday Night League (13/6/2014)

Cove SC burgee

Next Friday Night League race on 13th July will also incorporate the Titanic Trophy Race.

The Titanic Trophy (pictured below) will be awarded to the overall winner in “Echo”. The prize-giving will take place in the Titanic Bar after racing (approx. 10PM). Please make every effort to attend. ALL WELCOME.


Please also note that all boats must have valid 2014 ECHO/IRC certs before racing in order to get a result.

The Irish Sailing Association (ISA) publish the list of all boats holding current ECHO/IRC certs and it can be viewed online (click link above). Racing certs. can be obtained by contacting the ISA (contact details are on their website under the racing tab). ECHO certs can usually be obtained within 24 hrs. IRC certs usually take a couple of weeks to renew and can take longer if you want them endorsed or for a first time application. The ISA have stated very clearly to clubs that “… a boat which is not listed shall not be scored in a race under ECHO or IRC handicap systems”.