Cobh Peoples Regatta Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Cobh Peoples Regatta

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Class 1 and Class 2 Dinghies

Saturday 13th of August

FG: 13:30 hrs

Start Area: Cobh Promenade Area / Committee Boat

Prize giving after in the Promenade

Please see for details.


All are welcome!!

  1. Rules

The Club race will be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), the prescription of the ISA the rules of the individual Classes, the notice of race, except as altered by the instructions.

  1. Entries and Responsibilities

Boats shall be seaworthy, suitably equipped and have effective buoyancy

Boats are required to have adequate insurance.

  1. Class Flags

The Class flags will be:

Class 1

Class 2

  1. Racing Area

Starting area – Cobh Promenade area – Committee Boat.

5. Course
Course will be set by the office of the day (OD) before the start of the first race.
The OD will display the course on a blackboard before the warning signals for each class

  1. Marks

Turning marks may be temporary laid marks, or mooring buoys.

  1. The Start

There will be an interval of at least one minute between the start of a fleet and the warning signals of the following fleet

The starting line will be between the flagstaff on the committee boat and the starting marks as advised by the OD

The start order will be as follows –

Class 1

Class 2

Signal Time from start Flags

Warning 5 Min Class Flag

Preparatory 4 Min P flag

One Minute 1 Min Preparatory Flag lowered

Starting 0 Min Class Flag lowered

8. The Finish

The Finishing line will at Promenade Area

9. Time Limits

Boats failing to start within 10 minutes of start shall be scored DNF.

10. Safety

Competitors shall wear life jackets or other adequate personal buoyancy at all times when afloat

All competitors should keep clear of the safety boats

Boats should be aware of Shipping in the harbour.

A Boat that retires from the race should notify the OD

11. Sail Numbers

All Boats should have sail number displayed on main sail

12. Prizes

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each class

Results will be announced as soon as possible after the race.


No responsibility will be accepted by COVE SAILING CLUB, its members, servants or agents, nor those officials or members connected with the event for any loss, damage, injury or other claim of whatever nature howsoever arising or caused in connection with participation in, or intended participation in, this event.